Grain moisture meters and accessories

Grain moisture meters and accessories offer a variety of devices to support and simplify grain harvesting.

SuperPro, C-Pro, Superpoint are hand-designed and reliable grain moisture meters from the Danish manufacturer Supertech. It is not necessary to prepare a sample with a grain moisture meter - a predetermined amount of material only needs to be added to the moisture meter with a measuring cap. Humidity meters have an Estonian menu and a carrying case in which it is convenient to store and carry the humidity meter.

Miniature combine The Minibatt allows you to collect grain samples directly from the field - saving time and money! Reduces the manufacturer's time and financial costs (driving in the field with an unnecessary combine, etc.). The mini bar is suitable for sampling wheat, barley, oats, oilseed rape, rye and herb seeds. Taking a 500g sample takes less than 5 minutes.

The cereal volumetric meter allows the volumetric weight of the grain to be accurately determined by dropping the sample properly into a 1L cylinder. The sample in the cylinder must be weighed separately.

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